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Puss (Trust Me) - Movie/Film

Audio: Swedish

Subtitles: English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish


The Director of "Darling" is back with a comedy about sex, cleptomania, cheating, acne, alcohol, weight and intrigue. This 21st century version of a classic comedy is a movie about human weaknesses and the right not to be perfect.

In a small alley in Stockholm, a group of ambitious young women run an amateur theater led by the cool but sensitive director, Katja. A 48-hour long series of intrigues and complications is started when the landlord sneaks around the theater one night with a camera. Soon a forbidden love affair is revealed and at the same time a mysterious smell is spreading in the house. The circus begins when the authorities show up in the middle of it all.

Komedi av Johan Kling med Alexander Skarsgård och Gustaf Skarsgård.

På en liten bakgata i Stockholm driver en grupp ambitiösa unga kvinnor en amatörteater anförda av den kyliga men innerst inne känsliga regissören Katja. När fastighetsägaren en kväll ses smyga omkring på teatern med en kamera i handen blir det början på en 48 timmar lång härva av intriger och förvecklingar. Snart börjar en otrohetsaffär rullas upp samtidigt som en mystisk lukt sprider sig i lokalerna. När så kulturförvaltningen dyker upp mitt i alltihop är cirkusen i full gång.


US $37

Release date: 2011-02-09


US $11

Imported from Sweden. May take 10 to 20 days to arrive.

This film is encoded for normal DVD viewing in Europe, and may not play on a typical U.S. DVD Player. We recommend you consider purchasing one of our International DVD Players which are guaranteed to play DVDs from all European countries.

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