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Irene Huss: Guldkalven (The Gold Digger) - Movie/Film

Audio: Swedish

Subtitles: English, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian



An online poker company promises fame and fortune. When the bubble bursts, it is not only the dream of big money that bites the dust: three separate men are all brutally executed in one of Gothenburg's most fashionable areas. At first, they appear to have nothing in common. The complex investigation of the three dead men immerses Irene Huss and her colleagues into a world of expensive cars, fancy homes, lies and deceit. Meanwhile, the otherwise peaceful atmosphere of the Huss family is disturbed by marital tension as Irene suspects her husband Krister of a having an affair with a younger woman.

En man hittas ihjälskjuten i bakluckan på en bil. På ena handen är fyra fingrar avklippta. Mannen var delägare i ett nätpokerbolag som snabbt utvecklades till ett flermiljonföretag som sedan gick i konkurs. Strax därefter hittas ännu en delägare mördad.


US $17


US $9

Imported from Sweden. May take 10 to 20 days to arrive.

This film is encoded for normal DVD viewing in Europe, and may not play on a typical U.S. DVD Player. We recommend you consider purchasing one of our International DVD Players which are guaranteed to play DVDs from all European countries.

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